When I Realized I Could Do That Something

Recently somebody asked me to write the story of the moment when I realized I could do a new job that I aspired to do. I didn’t have a quip for that which let me thinking: at which point did I realize I was confident I could do something? Sometimes you are looking for aContinue reading “When I Realized I Could Do That Something”

Life stories: the Glimpse Renderer – part 3

After The LEGO Movie (TLM) delivered, the company took a long breath. I knew change was coming that we wanted it or not, part of it was my proposal after all. I created a detailed business plan with costs, budgets and prospects. You can present some tech to you peers, but you need a plan,Continue reading “Life stories: the Glimpse Renderer – part 3”

Life stories: the Glimpse Renderer – part 2

The Lego Movie (TLM) pre-production was at full steam. A key design directive from directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller was that everything had to be made with LEGO bricks, everything. Production Supervisors, R&D and TDs at Animal Logic figured out very neat and efficient pipeline and process for asset creation, modeling, shading and layout.Continue reading “Life stories: the Glimpse Renderer – part 2”

Life stories: the Glimpse Renderer – part 1

In my previous post Life stories: From Art to Tech, part 2 you have followed me through part of my journey from small shop, small side-gig, to deploy big transformational projects at large studios. From a technical perspective the biggest single-handed project had been the creation of a production path-tracer renderer: Glimpse. Compared to myContinue reading “Life stories: the Glimpse Renderer – part 1”

Life stories: From Art to Tech, part 2

My previous blog post is a piece I have originally written for Casey Muratori a while ago. Casey wanted to dedicate one episode of his show “Handmade Hero” to tell a few stories of people switching career to software engineering. I was very happy to tell a bit of my story because I felt itContinue reading “Life stories: From Art to Tech, part 2”

The secret to a good Job Interview

I have mentored quite a few people over the years and one of the common questions that come up is, how do you prepare for a job interview? In my career I have not been in many as interviewee, on the flip side I have been the interviewer hundreds and hundreds of times, mostly lookingContinue reading “The secret to a good Job Interview”

Life stories: From Art to Tech

I write software to make a living, but my career didn’t start at the tech side of things. Changing career and embracing software engineering later in life is like changing culture, moving to a different country. I know this because I have done both, more than once actually. The change brings both positives and negatives.Continue reading “Life stories: From Art to Tech”

Life stories: Where it all began

Are you the type of person who always knew what you wanted to do in life? Or are you one who never had a clue, you still don’t know and you are trying to figure it out? It’s too easy to be tempted to draw a line. Fact is it is a complete spectrum ofContinue reading “Life stories: Where it all began”