What is the quickest path to my dream job?

A common question I am asked is: “what is the quickest path to my dream job?” Generalizing a little: what is the quickest way to fulfill my dream? Whether that may be an important life fulfillment or a quick fix, the concept applies. To classify people across the two proverbial types, there are those whoContinue reading “What is the quickest path to my dream job?”

Offline to Realtime: Camera Manipulation

In a previous post I began describing Gesture, my GUI layer system. Today I complete that introduction and develop on top the basic camera controls of a typical 3d DCC application. The system will still be primordial, far from fully formed. First and foremost I need a camera. To move it around I am goingContinue reading “Offline to Realtime: Camera Manipulation”

Offline to Realtime: the beginning of a journey

I feel I am far from home right now. For the longest time I cut my teeth on movies. Doing lighting, writing tools, writing rendering tech. It grew up very familiar, that type of familiar where instinctively you don’t need to make a plan to figure out what need to be done. That type ofContinue reading “Offline to Realtime: the beginning of a journey”

Dev: Tracking Memory Usage – Part 1

This post is part 4 of the mini series “It’s all about memory” where we discuss various aspects which should bring front and center data transformation in software engineering. In this post we are going to venture in the realm of memory tracking, trying to understand how and where our software allocates memory. Why isContinue reading “Dev: Tracking Memory Usage – Part 1”

When I Realized I Could Do That Something

Recently somebody asked me to write the story of the moment when I realized I could do a new job that I aspired to do. I didn’t have a quip for that which let me thinking: at which point did I realize I was confident I could do something? Sometimes you are looking for aContinue reading “When I Realized I Could Do That Something”

Dev: It’s all about memory – part 3

Building on top of what we have discussed so far in previous installments of this series (part 1: memory allocation, part 2: structs or classes?), this time is about what we can do with structs. While previous posts were aimed at novices, this post digs deeper to some techniques that some mid level developer mayContinue reading “Dev: It’s all about memory – part 3”

Dev: It’s all about memory – part 2

If you haven’t already, check part 1 of this post series. It is an introduction to why we should care about memory (therefore data) when we write software. This series is mostly about C++ with some hints at C, although some of the concepts may apply to other programming languages. In this post we willContinue reading “Dev: It’s all about memory – part 2”